The main library of the college, called Sri Bharathi Theertha Library is the cynosure of all eyes. Spread over about 10,000 square feet, the library is home to about 47,000 books. Endowed with a mezzanine floor that houses a portion of the library's book racks, the library is centrally air-conditioned and provides a lovely ambience to sit and read.

The people who run the library are:

* Management Staff

Open Access system is followed in the library for all books and closed access system for reference books and journals, magazines and periodicals. There are shelf guides provided to facilitate easy access to books. There is also an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) that visitors to the library can use to know the availability of books. The OPAC area of the library is an enclosure furnished with 5 computers, which students and faculty members can use to access the OPAC.

Library automation has been done using Autolib. All resources of the library have been bar-coded and bar-code scanners are used along with Autolib for the issue and return of books. Internet facility is also available in the library if students wish to browse for information.

Special Features of the Library

  • Well furnished areas to read

  • Librarian's cabin

  • Air-conditioning

  • Mezzanine floor

  • OPAC service

  • Five computers accessible to students in a separate area

  • Bar-coding of all library resources

  • Bar-code scanners are used in the issue and return counters

  • Internet browsing service which can be accessed by all users

  • Power backup for computers

  • All stock is maintained through the Library Automation software, Autolib

  • All data are maintained in central servers

  • Backups of data are taken every day from the central server

  • Store Room

  • Reference section

  • Special place for research scholars to do reference comfortably

  • Large number of journals in various subjects

  • Back volumes of journals

Services available in the Library

  • INFLIBNET’s N-LIST programme which gives access to more than 50,000 e-Books and more than 1,200 e-Journals

  • OPAC

  • Internet browsing service which can be accessed by all users

  • Bulletin Board Service

  • Educational CDs

  • Display racks for journals

  • Photocopying facility

  • Reprographic facility

  • Clip Boards

    • Special collections

  • Periodicals, magazines and journals are available for reading

  • Newspaper service

  • List of new arrivals is pasted in the notice board frequently

  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI) and current awareness services (CAS) are carried out systematically

  • Feedback is collected and necessary steps are taken based on the feedback

  • Important topics from periodicals and journals are pasted regularly in the notice board to expose the new arrivals or publications to the users

  • Clippings and new arrivals are displayed and exhibitions are arranged to create interest in students, making the system more accessible and easy

  • Scrap book is maintained

  • Reader facility is extended for visually challenged students

  • Important subject databases

  • Back volumes of journals

  • Membership of the USIS Library at Chennai

The Library Committee allocates funds to various departments for purchase of books and oversees the overall functioning of the library. It also suggests and implements innovations and brings in technology improvements.

Book exhibitions are held now and then with displays of books from the reference section in order to showcase the available materials to freshers.

List of Journals

    1. Health Physics

    2. International Journal of Nano-Technology

    3. American Journal of Physics

    4. International Journal of Physics

    5. International Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

    6. New Advances In Physics - An International Journal

    7. Indian Journal of Science & Technology

    8. Economic Affairs (International)

    9. Global Review of Business & Economic Research

    10. Indian Economic Journal

    11. Sustainability Tomorrow

    12. Journal of Rural Development

    13. Southern Economist

    14. India Economy Review

    15. ACM: Journal of the ACM

    16. ACM: Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions

    17. ACM: Transactions on Information & System Security

    18. ACM: Transactions on Algorithms

    19. International Journal of Image Processing & Networking Technology

    20. International Journal of Neural Networks & Applications

    21. International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing

    22. International Journal of Computer Science & Knowledge Engineering

    23. Journal of Computer Science

    24. Journal of Computer Science & Applications

    25. Living Digital- Technology Review

    26. Mathematical Modeling & Applied Computing

    27. Current Science

    28. Resonance

    29. Bulletin of Materials Science

    30. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy

    31. Journal of Biosciences

    32. Journal of Chemical Sciences

    33. Journal of Earth System Science

    34. Journal of Genetics

    35. Pramana

    36. Proceedings - Mathematical Sciences

    37. Sadhana

List of Magazines

    1. Amman Darisanam

    2. Amudha Surabhi

    3. Deiviga Jnanam

    4. Frontline

    5. Madras Musings

    6. NBT Newsletter

    7. Nuclear India

    8. Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam

    9. Suttru Soozhal

    10. Tamil Arasu (English)

    11. Tamil Arasu (Tamil)

    12. Tapovan Prasad

    13. Tattvaloka

    14. Vaikarai

    15. Vedanta Kesari

    16. Vivekavani

List of Dailies

    1. Business Line

    2. Dinamani

    3. Financial Express

    4. The Economic Times

    5. The Hindu

    6. The Indian Express

Some of the E-Resources available under INFLIBNET's N-LIST Programme

  1. American Institute Of Physics ( 18 Titles And 10 Years Backfiles Access)

  2. American Physical Society (10 Titles And 10 Years Backfiles Access)

  3. Annual Reviews (33 Titles And 10 Years Rolling Backfiles Access)

  4. Cambridge University Press (224 Titles And 10 Years Backfiles Access)

  5. Institute Of Physics (46 Titles And Access From Vol 1)

  6. Oxford University Press (206 Titles And 10 Years Backfiles Access)

  7. Royal Society Of Chemistry (29 Titles And 10 Years Backfiles Access)

  8. Economic And Political Weekly (1 Title And Acces Form 1966)

  9. Indian Journals (150+ Titles And Access From 2007)

  10. Ebscohost(H W Wilson )(2800+ Titles )

  11. Mathscinet (Bibliographic Database)

  12. Cambridge Books Online (1000 Titles)

  13. Oxford Scholarship-Ebooks (902 Titles)

  14. Netlibrary-Ebscohost (936 Titles)

  15. Myilibrary-Mcgraw Hill-Ebooks (1124 Titles)

  16. Hiindustan Books Agency -Ebooks (65 Titles)

  17. Institute Of South East Asian Studies(Iseas) Books (382+ Titles)

  18. Springer Ebooks (2005-2011) (1500 Titles)

  19. Taylor And Francis -Ebooks (1000 Titles)

  20. Taylor And Francis -Ebooks (1000 Titles)-New Platform

  21. AI EDAM

  22. APSIPATransactions on Signal and Information Processing

  23. Combinatorics, Probability And Computing

  24. Journal of Functional Programming

  25. The Knowledge Engineering Review

  26. LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics

  27. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

  28. Natural Language Engineering

  29. Organised Sound

  30. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences

  31. RAIRO - Operations Research

  32. RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications

  33. ReCALL

  34. The Review of Symbolic Logic

  35. Robotica

  36. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

  37. Reflections on Computer Science

  38. Computer Science Research Articles

  39. Computer Algebra Algorithms

  40. Techniques & Architectures For Fault Tolerant Computing

  41. Computing the Future

  42. Special Issues on Computational Science & Engineering

Special Collections

  • World Bank Repository

Library support grant of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for buying books on Environmental Economics from the World Bank through the Department of Environment, Government of India under the capacity building program on Environmental Economics.

  • Materials acquired under special schemes (IEEE, ACM, NBHM, DST, etc.)

      1. Malcolm Elizabeth Adiseshaiah Trust – 139 books

      2. Physics (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

      3. Economics (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

      4. Zoology (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

      5. Mathematics (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

      6. Commerce (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

      7. History (Books acquired under the UGC Minor Research Project)

  • Competitive Examinations

      1. MCA Entrance Examination

      2. MBA Entrance Examination

      3. GMAT

      4. GRE

      5. TOEFL

      6. TNPSC

      7. GK books

      8. CAT

      9. SLET

      10. BSRB

      11. UPSC

  • Book Bank

      1. General book bank in the main library

      2. Book bank in the Departmental libraries

      3. Book bank for SC/ST Candidates of MCA

  • Others

    1. Collection of Sir. C.V. Raman works – 385 Volumes

    2. Books funded by Meera Memorial Trust for Physics - 505

    3. Atlases - 28

    4. Maps – 37

    5. Encyclopedia – 57 volumes

    6. Software manuals – 65

    7. Project Dissertations / Thesis - 1425

    8. Tamil Pezhai – 306 Volumes

      1. Video Tapes - 45

Departmental Libraries and Departmental Book Banks

Each Department houses a mini library in which relevant books are kept for students and faculty to borrow. There is a periodical shifting of books done between the Main Library and the Departmental libraries so that latest books relevant to the courses of study are maintained in the Departmental libraries.

The Departmental Book Banks are maintained in the main library itself.