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Office of the Controller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations

Ms. Shobhini S.
M.A., M.Phil.

Best Practices

Examination Schedules

​Examination schedules for the Mid-semester, Model and End-Semester Examinations are published in the College Calendar at the commencement of the academic year, and are available as part of the College Diary and Handbook given to every student and Faculty member. Examination schedules have always been strictly adhered to by the College.​​


The Examination Process

The functioning of the Controller of Examinations is totally computerized with high-end printing and reprographic facilities. All examination-related processes are carried out on secure computer systems at this office. This brings in accountability and transparency coupled with security, and ensures time-bound conduct of examinations and speedy declaration of results. Meenakshi College is invariably the first in the city to publish examination results every semester.


The Computerized Examination Workflow System

The software Adhyaksha is a web-based application developed entirely by the Faculty members of the Department of Computer Science, to manage the Examinations workflow and to help in academic progress monitoring.


Adhyaksha is a web portal that provides an integrated and secure window of access to information and services to do with student evaluation. The features and functions of this system are:

  • To facilitate easy and effective maintenance of and access to critical information with regard to the complete process of student evaluation including internal and external assessments.

  • To maintain repositories of versions of syllabi.

  • To help easily generate nominal rolls and to keep track of student results with respect to both internal and external assessments.

  • To make the recording of Internal Assessment marks easily and consistent with earlier manual processes, with accountability being maintained online.

  • To enable faculty to easily track student performance.

  • To generate Result Sheets and Mark Sheets after examinations.

  • To enable special services like reprinting of mark sheets in specific cases and archiving of historical data.

  • To enable various levels of users of the system, including the CoE, the Secretary, the Principal, the staff at the Office of the CoE, HoDs and teaching faculty to view, add or modify information only appropriate to their level of authority.

  • To seamlessly maintain critical workflow processes online.


Computerization has incredibly speeded up the entire process and has minimized human errors. Also, a comprehensive record of each student’s academic performance is centrally maintained and backed up in the above foolproof way.


Online Testing

Online tests and examinations are held for certain subjects for UG and PG students. The web-based software application for this purpose, named Pariksha, was also developed and deployed entirely in-house by the faculty of the Department of Computer Science


Multiple question papers for the online examinations are generated automatically by the system, by random picking of the required number of questions from a vast database in the central server. Each batch of students taking the examination is presented with a particular question paper by the system, but no two students in the same batch will see the questions in the same order. These multiple levels of randomization, which cannot be humanly controlled, eliminates the scope for malpractice and bias.


Each student is required to log in to the system with her unique register number and password, and it is only on a successful login that the system will allow her to take the examination. The student has the flexibility to attempt answering the questions in any order that she wants and to navigate freely back and forth in the question paper. The answer paper of each student is also stored in the server, and can be made available for checking in case of any grievances expressed by the student. The system is also geared towards effective recovery in case of any malfunctioning of the computer on which the student is taking the examination, for her answers are securely stored in the central server while she is taking the examination.


The uniqueness of this online testing process lies in the fact that the system is highly secure, dependable, paperless, student-friendly and quick, with the results of the examination being available instantaneously.

Some of the Facilities

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