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Dr. Sujatha B.

M.C.A., M.Phil., NET, Ph.D.

Department of 

Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Years of service at the College:


Total years of service:


Number of Research Projects:

Number of Journal Publications:


Number of Conference Presentations:



  • Digital Image Processing

  • Artificial Neural Networks

  • Computer Networks

  • Operating System

  • Computer Graphics

  • Programming in Java,MATLAB (IPT)

Research Projects

Journal Publications

  1. A Novel Approach to Lip Segmentation for Visual Speech Recognition”, H Deepa Laxmi and B Sujatha, 2016, International Journal of Computer Science And Engineering (IJCSE), Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 57-62, ISSN(P): 2278-9960; ISSN(E): 2278-9979© IASET.

  2. A Novel Approach Integrating Geometric and Gabor WaveletApproaches to Improvise Visual Lipreading”, B Sujatha, T Santhanam, 2010, International Journal of Soft Computing (IJSC), ISSN 1816-9503, 5(1): pp. 13-18,2010,© Medwell Journals 2010.

  3. A New Fangled Approach Using Ergodic Hidden Markov Model for Visual Lipreading”, T.Santhanam and B.Sujatha , European Journal of Scientific Research(EJSR), ISSN 1450-216X Vol.42 No.4 (2010), pp.622-628. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010.

  4. Classical Flexible Lip Model Based Relative Weight Finder for better Lip Reading Utilizing Multi Aspect Lip Geometry”, B.Sujatha and T.Santhanam, Journal of Computer Science (JCS), ISSN 1549-3636, 6 (10): 1065-1069, 2010,© 2010 Science Publications.

Conference Presentations

  1. B. Sujatha and T. Santhanam, “A novel f-ART Model for Visual Lipreading based on Active Lip Model”, In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Signal Acquisition Processing (ICSAP 2011): 208-211, Singapore, 26th- 28th February 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4244-9385-2, © 2011 IEEE Explore.

  2. A survey of the applications of neural network models for visual lip-reading”, B Sujatha, T Santhanam , Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Semantic E-business and Enterprise Computing (SEEC), pp. 140-144, 4th- 6th November 2009.

  3. Design issues of lip Reading”, B. Sujatha and T. Santhanam, 2005,Proceeding of UGC Sponsored National Conference on Computer Science and Informatics, St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India, February 2005.

  4. "Genetic Algorithm for feature reduction", A Punitha, B Sujatha, T Santhanam 2006, Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Science and Informatics, CIT, Tamil Nadu, India August 2006.

  5. "HR & IT Opportunities and Challenges", B Sujatha, 2006, Proceedings of National Workshop on IT & HR Opportunities and Challenges, VEC, Tamil Nadu, India, April 2006.

Workshops / Training Programmes / FDPs Attended

  1. Attended Orientation Course (28 days) conducted by Academic Staff College, University of Madras during 9th Nov 2010 - 6th Dec 2010.

  2. Attended Refresher Course in Computer Science (21 days) conducted by Academic Staff College, University of Madras during 16th Nov 2011 – 6th Dec 2011.

  3. Attended Workshop on “IT Fest” at M.O.P. Vaishnav College, Chennai-34, 2003.

  4. Attended 5 days FDP organized by Velammal Engineering College, Chennai-66 topic “Information Security” on 2006.

  5. Attended Workshop on “Applications of Mathematical Structures in Information Technology” - Quaid E-Millath Women’s College 2007.

  6. Attended 5 days certified trainer programme organized by EDS-Mphasis, Mangalore, title Mphasis Certified Trainer from 15th Dec 2008 – 20th Dec 2008.

  7. Attended National workshop on MATLAB( Image Processing and Neural Networks ) at D. G. VAISHNAV COLLEGE, Chennai-106, on 24th and 25th January 2009.

  8. Attended 1 day Faculty Development Programme on Software Engineering (Testing) organized by Cognizant on 27th Sep 2012.