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Dr. Suganya R.

M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SLET, NET

Department of 

Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Years of service at the College:


Total years of service:


Number of Research Projects:

Number of Journal Publications:


Number of Conference Presentations:



  • Programming with C and C++

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Operating Systems

  • Computer Networks

  • Agile Development

  • Distributed Computing

  • Cryptography and Network Security

Research Projects

Journal Publications

  1. Power Analysis of the Gossamer protocol for Passive RFID tags”, Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., International Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2010, (ISSN: 0975-6507), pp 1-14.

  2. Simulated Annealing based Optimization Model for the Gossamer Protocol”, Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 2, Issue 3, 2010 (ISSN: 0975-5462), pp 296-306.

  3. An Enhanced Power-efficient Gossamer-based Protocol for Passive RFID Tags”, Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., International Journal of Computer and Internet Security, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2010 (ISSN: 0974-2247), pp 1-14.

  4. SSL-MAP: A More Secure Gossamer-based Mutual Authentication Protocol for Passive RFID Tags”, Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2010 (ISSN: 0975-3397), pp 363-367.

  5. "Computational Algorithms for Deep and Shallow word search in Sanskrit with Case-Inflected Forms of Feminine and Neuter Nouns", Rajitha V., Suganya R., Meenakshi Lakshmanan International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, ISSN 2277-3878, Volume - 8 Issue - 4, November 2019, Page 3085 - 3094

Conference Presentations

  1. A Family of Gossamer-Based Mutual Authentication Protocols for Tag Pairs in RFID Systems”, Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., Proceedings of ICMCS International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science 2010, Loyola College, Chennai.

  2. A Clustered Computing Solution for Fiscal Administration: e-SalesTax”,Dr. N. Rama and Suganya R., International Conference on Digitalizing Administration: Challenges and Issues in E-Governance,2008, Presidency College, Chennai.

Workshops / Training Programmes / FDPs Attended

  1. Attended a training programme on “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using the UML with Fundamentals of Rational Rose”, IBM, Chennai, Dec 2005

  2. Attended a one-week training programme “College Connect” at Mphasis, Mangalore in Dec 2008.

  3. Attended Orientation Course conducted by Academic Staff College, University of Madras,2012.

  4. Attended Security Summit 2013, Summit organized by Dept. of Electronics & IT, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.

  5. Attended SPSS Workshop, Organized by Institute of Statistics and Analytical Research, Chennai,2013.

  6. Attended Faculty Development Programme, “Digital Forensics and Cyber Crimes”, Organized by COEDF, November 2014.

  7. Attended “Network and Security Workshop” Under ISEA-Phase-II Project, Organized by NIELIT, 2016,Chennai.

  8. Attended Refresher Course at UGC Academic Staff College titled “Education and Education Technology” University of Madras, February 2018.

  9. Attended “A Skill building Program OORJA” Organised by Microsoft, March 2018.

  10. Attended a workshop “Adoption, Promotion and Production of MOOCs” on Swayam platform, conducted by UGC, at Hyderbad, August 2018.

  11. Attended a workshop “Autonomy to Colleges; Benefits and Way Forward” Organized by University Grants Commission at Hyderabad.

  12. Attended NPTEL Course on “Accreditation and Outcome Based Learning” and completed the course with Performance graded as "ELITE+SILVER" Conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in collaboration with SWAYAM funded by MHRD from August 2019 to October 2019.

  13. Attended NPTEL FDP on “Introduction to Internet of Things” and completed the course Conducted by NPTEL - AICTE with MHRD from July 2019 to October 2019.

  14. Conducted National Level Seminar on Cyber Security,2019.

  15. Attended FDP on “Mathematical and Statistical Modeling” Organized by Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences Coordinated with Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology 2020.

  16. Attended FDP on “Block Chain” Organized by AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Coordinated with National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya from 5th Oct 2020 to 9th Oct 2020.

  17. Attended FDP on “Faculty Induction Programme” organized by the UGC - Human Resource Development Centre, University of Madras from 5th November 2020 to 4th December 2020.

  18. Attended Workshop On “COVID-19 Android App Development” Organized by Finland Labs Association with National Social Summit, IIT Roorkee,2020.


Other Achievements