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Dr. Rukmani Vathanam

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Department of 


Professor Emeritus

Years of service at the College:


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  • Ancient History

  • Archaeology

Research Projects

Journal Publications

  1. "Saraswathi Worship in Tamilnadu", 'Kalvettu’ - Journal of State Department of Archaeology (Quarterly) No.142003, pp 45-46

  2. "Temple Endowments : Agneeswarar temple at Tirupugalur " , Journal of Indian History and Culture Issue No X, 2003.p.53

  3. "Pujas in Agneeswarar Temple – Thiruppugalur", National Seminar at Annamalai University March 2-3, 2005.

  4. "Historical background of Thiruppugalur as gleaned from the inscriptions of Agneeswarar temple", proceedings of Tamilnadu History Congress 30 Sept – 2 oct 2005.

  5. "Architectural features of the two main shrines of the temple of Agneeswarar at Thiruppugalur" , International Seminar at Erode Feb 2006

  6. "Nineth Thirumarai – Gandaradhithar Mayilam Parimalavel", Tamil Research Centre and Meenakshi College for Women 2006.

  7. "Iyyadigal Kadavarkone Nayanar ; Kshetra Thiruvanba", Alpha D.T., Educational Trust and Parimalalvel Tamil Research Centre, Pondichery 21.07.2007.

  8. "Veemeesvarar Temple at Serappanancheri - a study", Published in ‘Kalvettu’_77 th issue, State Department of Archeology, April 2009

  9. "Vishnu Temples in Nannilam Taluq with special reference to Kirupasamuthra Perumal Temple a study", Sirupuliyur

Conference Presentations

Workshops / Training Programmes / FDPs Attended


  1. Best Lions Club's International Secretary award

Other Achievements