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Dr. Patrishiya Fernando J. D.

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET

Department of 


Assistant Professor

Years of service at the College:


Total years of service:


Number of Research Projects:

Number of Journal Publications:


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  • Ancient History

  • Archaeology

Research Projects

Journal Publications

  1. Irandam Adithiya Karikalanin Nadukarkal, Chempulam, An International Tamil Research Quarterly Journal, August 2015, ISSN No: 2320-589X.

  2. Archaeological Vestiges of Madhuramangalam, JAC Journal of Science, Humanities and Management, December, 2015 ISSN No: 2347- 9868.

  3. Nithavinotha Chaturvedimangalam in Epigraphs, JAC Journal of Science, Humanities and Management, December, 2016, ISSN No: 2347- 9868.

  4. AICUF- A voluntary Organization for Students, March, 2018, ISSN No: 2349-8684, UGC approved Journal No; 48991, ROOTS International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches, 12c. Article in News Paper.

  5. Art And Architecture Of Temples In Melmangalam, International Journal on Recent Researches in Science, Engineering &Technology, Vol. 7, Issue .5 May 2019, ISSN No: 2347- 6729.

  6. Antique Of River Kaveri As Gleaned From Literature And Epigraphs, Shodhak: A Journal of Historical Research, Vol.49, Pt,C,Sr,147,2019, ISSN No:0302-9832.

  7. Naralokavira alias Manavil kuttan, The Annual Congress of LFHR, Loyola College, March, 2014, ISSN No: 2229-2371.

  8. Archaeological Vestiges of Pattaraiperumbudur, XXI – Annual Session, Tamil Nadu History Congress, Cuddalore, September, 2014, ISSN-2319-3808.

  9. Thiru Kailayanathar Thirukovil Manapadi - Oru Parvai, Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Mempadu Kulumam , Gangaikonda Chozhapuram, 24.07.2014, ISBN 978-93-5001-519-3.

  10. Perungudi – Agastyesvara Temple, XXXIV South Indian History Congress, Thanjavur, March 2014, ISSN No: 2229-2371.

  11. Cultural Heritage of Kadapperi Chaturvedimangalam, Salvage Archaeology and Heritage Management in India, Meenakshi college for women, Chennai, 2016, ISBN No: 978-93-85926-79-2.

  12. Rajendra Chozhiswarar Thirukoil-Periyakulam, Muthalam Rajendra Cholan, (Thadayangal) Thikuthi – III, Annamalai University. Directorate of Distance Education,& Tamil Nadu Archaeological Research Centre, 20.02.2017, ISBN 978-81-920484-9-9.

  13. Feudatories of Aditya II Karikala as gleaned through Inscriptions, Tamil Nadu History Congress, University of Madras, and October 2018.

  14. Soundaryanarayana Swamy Temple- Pattaraiperumbudur, International Conference on Tamil Culture and Traditions held on 24th -25th March 2019, ISBN: 9788192885-1-4-8.

  15. Archaeological Vestiges of Kannur, Archaeological Evidence and Tamil Culture (International Conference) , Conducted by International Journal of Tamil Language and Literary Studies and International Institute of Tamil Studies,27.04.2019,E.ISSN: 2581-7140.

  16. Puthaintha Nilaiyil Nadukargal, Thinathanthi, Vellore, 23.03.2015.

Conference Presentations

  1. Numismatics and Philatelic Exhibition May 30, 31 & June 1, 2015, Tondaimandalam Numismatic Society, Puducherry.

  2. National Seminar: Ranking the Research Publications: Citation Analysis, Citation Data Bases and Anti-Plagiarism, 27th -28th January 2016, Central Library, JA College, Periyakulam.

  3. National Seminar: “Socio-Political Trends in Tamil Nadu in the 20th Century, 3rd February, 2016, Research & P.G. Department of History, JA College, Periyakulam.

  4. National Seminar: “Quality Assurance and Quality Sustenance in Higher Educational Institutions: Challenges and Solutions", 29th & 30th September, 2016, IQAC, JA College, Periyakulam.

  5. National Seminar: Water Conflicts- A Historical Perspective, National Conference, February, 2017, , Research & P.G. Department of History, Periyakulam, Research & P.G. Department of History, JA College.

  6. International Conference on Tamil Trade and Antiquity, International Institute of Tamil Studies, 6th & 7th March 2019.

  7. UGC Sponsored National Seminar - "Human Rights - Past and Present", PG Department of Historical Studies, Government Arts College for Men (Autonomous), Nandanam, 20.03.2019.

  8. International Seminar on “Tourism: Employability – Equity”, Conducted by P.G. & Research Department of Historical Studies, Quaid-E-Millath Government College for Women (Autonomous) Chennai, 27th September 2019.

Workshops / Training Programmes / FDPs Attended

  1. Attended a Orientation Course at Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University,2019.