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Adopted Chennai School

The College has adopted two Chennai (Corporation) Schools in the neighbourhood of the College at Trustpuram and Puliyur. The following are some of the activities carried out for the schools:

  • Providing amenities like RO water plant for the school.

  • Adding to the infrastructure of the school including benches, chairs, computers and printers.

  • Catering to the students’ needs by supplying necessary reading materials and stationery.

  • Competitions are conducted periodically to bring out the skills and talents of the children of the schools and attractive prizes are distributed. The teachers of the school too are rewarded for excellence.

  • Computer training is given to the staff and the students of the schools.

  • Students of the school who require additional academic assistance are tutored by the College students.

  • Scholarships are given to meritorious students and special recognition is given by admitting them to a course of their choice in our college.

  • Blood grouping is done for the children of the schools with the help of the Department of Biochemistry.

  • Distribution of ID cards for the children

  • Distribution of uniforms, belts and slippers to the children

  • Eye screening camp for the children and distribution of free spectacles

  • Scholarships are distributed for the children

  • A Talent Promotion Meet is organized in the schools every year. The children get an opportunity to exhibit and develop their talents in the arts.

  • Sports Day in the schools is organized and prizes distributed to the winning children. Thus the school children are encouraged in sports activities.

  • All other school functions too are organized by the Campus Lions Clubs.

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