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            Many are the steps that are being taken at Meenakshi College to help students cope with the pressures of modern living as well as to help them make career decisions.
  • A class teacher, otherwise called a faculty mentor is assigned to each class. She mentors the class from their first year till the end of their course. The class teacher gets to know every student of the class including her family background, and is always approachable to the students to voice any of their problems.
  • One hour is allocated in the timetable every week as Counseling hour. The class teachers spend time with their class during this hour, and the students are welcome to seek help and advice in private as well.
  • Peer group activities are conducted in classes from time to time to help students get to know each other better, and to have a positive outlook towards life and towards others around them. 
  • Any special needs of students are dealt with by the head of the institution who herself counsels and advices the students and parents.

Counselling and Mentoring

  • The class teacher of each class is the class advisor for the entire duration of the course. As such, each student is personally known to the class teacher who acts as a mentor and counsellor. Students feel free to seek solutions to personal problems from their class teacher or from any other teacher they feel comfortable with. Problems with serious repercussions are handled by the Principal or the Secretary, and parents are often included in the process of finding a solution.
  • A counselling hour is allotted every week for all students. This is the time that they use to interact with their class teacher and sort out any problems they may have. The class teacher gets to know all the students in her class within a semester of their joining the course, and a strong bond of trust develops between the student and her class teacher. The students trust the class teacher to keep personal information confidential, and the class teacher in turn vindicates this trust. Thus there is not only a friendly ambience surrounding the student in the College but also specific avenues of help available.
  • Academic problems of students are handled routinely by the class teacher, the Head of the Department, the Principal and the Secretary of the College. Academic performance of students is reviewed internally on a continuous basis and personal care is taken by every teacher to help students perform better. Different strategies to bolster performance are used depending on the temperament and problems of the particular student.
  • Apart from this, there are lectures organized from time to time to make students aware of the various personal and societal troubles that the youth and women face today, and to sensitize them to important issues though they themselves may not face some of these problems. The message that goes out to students in these sessions is to face difficult situations in life calmly without giving room to haste or impulse. Further, they are motivated to come out with their problems to someone whom they can trust and who will be able to help them. These sessions are conducted for all students.
  • There is no ragging in the college, and seniors only show warmth and understanding towards their juniors. Hence no problems on account of ragging that need counselling have ever arisen.
  • Thus an entire support system is in place for looking after the academic and personal problems that students face. In general, the entire teaching fraternity and Management of the institution leave no opportunity unutilized to enthuse students to concentrate on their studies and to inspire them to face life’s problems with positivity and purpose so that they can capitalize on their current opportunities.