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CRITERION I - Curricular Aspects

CRITERION II - Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

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2.1.1Students from other states and countries 
 2.1.2Demand Ratio
2.2.3Differently abled students
2.3.2ICT Resources
2.4.2Ph.D. Award Letters
2.4.4Staff Awards
2.4.5Staff from other States & Countries
Student Marks Revaluation

Syllabus, programme specific outcome and course outcomes

CRITERION III - Research, Innovations and Extension

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Research Promotion Policy
3.1.3International Fellowship Awards for Teachers 
3.1.4Physics Laboratory
Meenakshi Sundararajan Research Center
Chemistry Laboratory
Plant Biology & Biotechnology Laboratory & Museum
Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology Laboratory & Museum
Biochemistry Laboratory
Computer Science Laboratory
 3.2.3Guideship Letters
3.3.2Report of Seminars & Workshops conducted
3.4.1Research Code of Ethics
3.5.3Corporate Training
3.6.4Extension Activities Report
3.7.1Collaborative Activities
3.7.2Last five years Data
Students Internship
PG Student's Project Work
UG Student's Project Work
Job Training

CRITERION IV - Infrastructure and Learning Resource

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List of Rare Books
4.2.3Usage Report of NLIST
4.2.6Last Page of Library Accession Register 
4.3.4Lecture Capturing System

CRITERION V - Student Support and Progression

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5.2.3Students qualified in National/International Examinations
5.3.1Awards for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities at national/international level
 5.4.3Alumni Meeting Report

CRITERION VI - Governance, Leadership and Management

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6.2.2Organogram of the Institution
6.3.3Training programs for teaching and non-teaching staff
6.3.4Staff Orientation Course
Staff Refresher Course

CRITERION VII - Institutional Values and Best Practices