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Language Lab


The Department of English has an air-conditioned, Hi-Tech Language Lab, that can accommodate more than 100 students. It has a console, a monitor and a television for viewing. All the undergraduate students who take up foundation English have an access to the LanguageLab. The undergraduate students, in their third and fifth semester have a skill based paper, "English for communication skills". Students are taken to the lab and the CD's are played to enhance their listening and speaking skills. The practical exams for the respective semesters are conducted based on these CDs.
The lab has a wide range of audio CD's like - "Follow Me", "Mind your Language" etc for beginners. The students have a first hand experience of real life communication. CD's like "Look Ahead", suits the needs of  intermediate level students. B.B.C. audio is provided for the students of Advanced Level,  (B.A. English Literature).
There are business English CD's that cater to the needs of the commerce students. The lab is also used to screen movie CD's from the British Council based on the syllabus.  For example, Shakespearean Plays. 
The Language Lab is of immense use to the students of III B.A. English Literature for they use it for their "Language and Linguistics" paper. They learn the science of phonetics with the help of 47 head phones.
The Language Lab is put to maximum use and provides a space for honing the Language skills of our students.