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Computer Center

            The Central Computing Facility of the college is named Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Computer Center and is spread across a beautifully furnished 7500 sq. ft. area on the second floor of the College building. The Computer Center houses state-of-the-art computing facilities and is a pride of the college.

               Apart from this Computer Center, there are two other Computer Laboratories, connected to the Computer Center through optical fibre cable. 

Computing Facilities

1. The Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Computer Center has the following state-of-the-art facilities




  • Lab Facilities and Hardware
    • A centrally air-conditioned 7500 sq. ft. area.
    • 112 high-end PCs
    • A seminar area with a seating capacity of 150 equipped with as many chairs with writing planks and
      • 1 high-end PC
      • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector
      • Wall-mounted retractable screen
      • White board
      • Promethean Interactive White Board - connected to the PC in the seminar area and used to capture lecture notes written on the board
    • A library and reading area with convenient desks for reading
    • A specially air-conditioned Server Room
    • A specially air-conditioned UPS Room
    • The Department Faculty Room connected to the Computer Center
    • The HoD's room
    • Computers for the faculty of the Department of Computer Science
    • 6 Powerful HP Servers and 6 Virtual servers
    • A complete backup solution with Modular Smart Array and tape backup with robotic arm to perform automatic backups of critical information from across campus.

    • 11 UPS systems with a total capacity of about  100 kVa
    • Printers
      • HP Laserjet printers
      • HP Photosmart printer-scanner-copier
    •  The computer facilities are under Annual Maintenance Contract with HP
    • The UPS systems are under Annual Maintenance Contract with Foredot Systems
    • Xlink Kintex -7 FPGA Embedded kit.
  • Networking
    • 50 mbps leased line from Tata Communications Ltd. gives 24-hour internet connectivity
    • Optical fiber connectivity across Computer labs
    • All computers on campus are connected via wired network
    • 15 powerful Network Switches
    • Firewall – Juniper Firewall SRX Gateway 240, a powerful firewall to protect the entire college network
  • MoUs and Software
    • Campus-wide MoUs
      • Microsoft Campus Agreement
      • MSDN Academic Alliance
      • Symantec Antivirus
    • Software
      • Under the Microsoft Campus Agreement Program
        • Windows Operating System (server and desktops) 
        • Visual Studio .NET
        • Microsoft Office
        • SQL Server (Database package)
      • Python 3.3.0 (Open Source)
      • Scilab 5.4.0 (Open Source)
      • IBM SPSS 19.0 (Ten User Licence)
      • Red Hat Linux (licensed)
      • Symantec Antivirus (licensed)
      • Apache Tomcat Web Server 5.5 (open-source)
      • BEA Weblogic Server 8.1 (open-source)
      • JDK 1.6 (open-source)
      • Eclipse 3.4 (open-source)
      • MASM 8086 microprocessor assembler (freeware)
2. The Servers
            The powerful servers spread across the campus make the following software accessible to all on campus:
      • Controller of Examinations software - "Adhyaksha"
      • Online testing and evaluation software - "Pariksha"
      • Admission Software
      • Autolib for Library data access
      • CoRMS - IT and Non-IT Asset Management software

3. The Other Computer Laboratories have the following facilities:
  • 50 thin client systems in Lab 1, connected to the servers in the Computer Center through optical fibre cable.
  • 81 thin client systems in Lab 2, connected to the servers in the Computer Center through optical fibre cable (being set up).



4. Computer facilities in the rest of the campus
  • PCs and connectivity across campus
    • The Secretary's Office, the Principal's Office, the College Office, the Office of the Controller of Examinations, the Meenakshi Sundararajan Research Center, the Library, all seminar halls and auditoriums and all Departments have computers connected to the servers via wired network.
    • Every PC on campus has internet access.
    • All PCs have UPS power supply
  • Printers
    • HP Large Multifunction Printers
    • HP Laserjet printers
    • HP Deskjet printers
    • HP Photosmart printer-scanner-copier