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Building Layout

Number of Classrooms
Ground Floor  5
First Floor  18
Second Floor   25
Third Floor  16
Fourth Floor  13

Details of Rooms in the College Building
Ground Floor
 Room # Particulars
 G1 Extension Activity Room
 G2 Principal's Room
  Open-Air Theatre
  Staff rest room (behind the Open Air Theatre)
 G3 Store Room
  Gents Rest Room
 G4 Chemistry Laboratory I
 G4A Store Room
  Rest Rooms
 G5 RO Plant
 G6 Chemistry Laboratory II
  Chemistry Laboratory - Balance Room
 G7 Department of Chemistry
  KRS Auditorium
 G8 Store Room
 G9Department of Public Administration /
Department of Languages 
 G10 Classroom 
 G11  Classroom
 G12 Classroom
 G13 Power Room
  Rest Rooms
 G14 Classroom
 G15 Meenakshi Sundararajan Research Center
 G16A Guest Room I
 G16B Guest Room II
 G17 Classroom
 G18 Sick Room
 G19 Pantry
 G20 Albert Einstein Seminar Hall
  Rest Rooms
 G21 Physics Laboratory II
 G22 Physics Laboratory I
 G23 Secretary's Room
 G24 College Office
 G25 Office of the Controller of Examinations
 G26 Store Room

First Floor
 Room # Particulars
 F1 Conference Hall I
 F2 Classroom
 F3 Department of Economics
 F4 Department of English
  Rest Rooms
  Store Room
 F5 Department of History
 F6 Classroom
 F7 Classroom
 F8 Classroom
 F8A Classroom
 F9 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Laboratory I 
 F10A Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Laboratory II
 F10B Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
 F11  Physics General Laboratory (M.Sc. Physics I Year)
 F12 Physics Electronics Laboratory (M.Sc. Physics II Year)
 F13 Classroom
 F14 Classroom
 F15 Classroom
 F16 Classroom
 F17 Department of Tamil
 F18 Classroom
  Rest Rooms
 F19 Homi Bhabha Seminar Hall
 F20 Classroom
 F21 Department of Physics
 F22 Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology Laboratory II
 F23 Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology
  Rest Rooms
 F24 Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology Laboratory I
 F25 Classroom
 F26 Classroom
 F27 Classroom
 F28 Classroom
 F29 Classroom
 F30 Classroom
 F31 Classroom

Second Floor
 Room # Particulars
 S1 Conference Hall II
 S2 Classroom
 S3 Classroom
 S4 Classroom
 S5 Classroom
 S6 Department of Mathematics
 S7 Department of Commerce
 S8 Classroom
 S8A Classroom
 S9 Store Room
 S10 Store Room
 S11 Classroom
  Rest Rooms
 S12 Sri Bharathi Theertha Library (Main Library)
 S13A Computer Science Laboratory II
 S13B Computer Science Laboratory III
 S14 Classroom
 S15 Classroom
 S16 Classroom
 S17 Classroom
 S18 Classroom
 S19 Classroom
 S20 Classroom
 S21 Classroom
 S22 Classroom
 S23 Classroom
 S24 Classroom
 S25 Classroom
 S26 Placement Room
  Rest Rooms
 S27 Classroom
 S28 Classroom
 S29 Classroom
 S30 Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Computer Center with Seminar Hall
 S31 Department of Computer Science
 S32 Classroom
 S33 Classroom
 S34 Classroom

Third Floor
 Room # Particulars
 T1 Conference Hall III 
 T2 Classroom
 T3 Classroom
 T4 Classroom
 T5 Classroom
 T5A Classroom
  Rest Rooms
 T6 Store Room
 T7 Classroom
 T8  Classroom
 T9 Classroom
 T10 Classroom
 T11 Classroom
 T12 Classroom
 T13 Classroom
 T14 Classroom
 T15 Biochemistry Laboratory II
 T16 staff room
 T17A Department of Biochemistry
 T17B Biochemistry Laboratory
 T18 Classroom
 T19 Classroom
 T20 Classroom
  Rest Rooms
 T21 Store Room
  Meenakshi Sundararajan Auditorium

Fourth Floor
 Room # Particulars
 N1 Conference Hall IV
 N2 Classroom
 N3 Seminar Hall I
 N4-I Language Laboratory
 N4-II Seminar Hall II
 N4A Class room
  Rest Rooms
  Power Room
 N5 Staff Room
 N6 Classroom
 N7 Classroom
 N8 Classroom
 N9 Classroom
 N10 Classroom
 N11 Classroom
 N12 Classroom
  Rest Rooms
 N13 Classroom
 N14 Classroom
 N15 Classroom
 N16 Classroom
 N17 Classroom
  Rest Rooms