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Meenakshi Sundararajan Auditorium
        This mammoth auditorium can seat more than 3000 people. Built with excellent acoustic facilities and audio control room, this auditorium has a balcony area and two green rooms attached. Complete with 30 centralized air-conditioning units, the auditorium, which is situated in the third floor of the building, is the pride of Meenakshi College. 
        The wooden stage has a startlingly realistic statue of our founder, Prof. K. R. Sundararajan.
        The auditorium is used for all major college functions including College Day, Founder's Remembrance Day, Founder's birthday celebrations, Cultural events, College's Founding Day celebrations, Union Valedictory Function and the College Convocation. It is also utilized for occasions such as students' assembly, wherein the entire college needs to assemble in one place.

KRS Auditorium
        This is an auditorium located in the ground floor of the college building and has a seating capacity of about 500. The large wooden stage, the tastefully done decor and the air-conditioning provide an enchanting ambience. Many a college function and seminar is held here. The audio facilities and seating capacity make it an ideal choice for special functions in college as well as staff and student meetings. 
        The KRS Auditorium gets busy during the December Music season every year, for it forms the venue of the Annual Music Festival conducted under the auspices of the Meenakshi Sundararajan Fine Arts Academy.


Homi Bhabha Seminar Hall
        Situated in the First Floor of the college building, the Homi Bhabha Seminar Hall is usually the venue of choice for technical seminars conducted by the various departments in the college. 
        This seminar hall can accommodate about 300 people and has a raised stage with a convenient head table, marble flooring, and prettily done lighting. The seminar hall is fully air-conditioned and boasts of a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and a retractable on-stage screen for the same.


Albert Einstein Seminar Hall
        This seminar hall is a compact place for small meetings and demonstrations. Located in the ground floor of the building, this seminar hall has been prettily designed to accomodate about a 100 people.
        The seminar hall is air-conditioned and is complete with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and a conveniently located screen that is flush with the wall on the stage. Being in this seminar hall feels like being in a semi-circular amphi-theatre, for the stage is located lower than the audience.


Open-air Theatre
        A favourite haunt of students practicing for cultural events, the Open-air Theatre with the entire central quadrangle providing space for the audience, has always been the venue for Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations in the college. During the college cultural fests, the quadrangle finds itself roofed with a pandal for the conduct of the cultural contests.
        Lectures on the Bhagavad Gita, etc. are also regularly held here by external agencies like the Chinmaya Mission, after college hours.

Seminar Hall 1
        This Seminar hall located in the newly constructed fourth floor of the building has a seating capacity of about 300, and has air-conditioning. There is a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and a retractable screen on one end to facilitate the conduct of seminars, workshops and conference sessions.

Seminar Hall 2
         This Seminar hall is adjacent to the above and also has a seating capacity of about 300. With similar facilities as the above, the hall lends itself to the conduct of seminars, workshops and conferences.

Conference Halls 1, 2, 3, 4
        There are four sleek conference halls, complete with conference tables and air-conditioning, one each in each of the first, second, third and fourth floors of the college building. Conveniently located one above the other, these conference halls are used for Board of Studies meetings and also meetings of the College Management.