Infrastructure Maintenance

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The Annual Maintenance Contracts that are put in place by the College Management ensure that there are service personnel on call either on the campus or off it, who respond to calls for servicing within a stipulated time-frame.

IT infrastructure in the campus is maintained through Annual Maintenance Contracts. Important facilities like the elevators, air-conditioners and power systems are also maintained through Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Safety for all the installations is ensured by strategic placement of enough number of fire extinguishers and fire safety infrastructure for the multi-storeyed building. The gas connections in the laboratories and the fire extinguishers on campus are also periodically checked and maintained.

All laboratory equipment are maintained and serviced by the respective vendors of the equipment.

There are Government-appointed staff including laboratory assistants and sports marker for the maintenance of the facilities on campus. The College Management appoints cleaning staff, gardener, plumber, carpenter and electricians whenever required for upkeep of the facilities in the campus.

Apart from periodic garbage clearance on the campus, the Corporation of Chennai also undertakes such clearance on request. The Housekeeping Committee appointed by the College Management looks into all relevant issues on a regular basis.

Security guards are outsourced from a security agency to ensure safety on campus.

Though there are cleaning staff appointed for cleaning the campus facilities, students and faculty members take the initiative to keep their own campus clean and embark on mega-cleaning drives every now and then. The Students Union members in charge of Campus Care are actively involved in enthusing their fellow students to maintain a clean and green campus. Quality Circles too are actively involved in keeping the campus clean. The College Management often drives home the importance of keeping the campus clean, while addressing the students in assemblies, thus inculcating values of hygiene in them.

The Tamil Nadu Forest Department has helped the College from inception to plant trees and make it a green campus. All the beautiful green cover seen today is a fructification of that collaborative effort.

Further, departments often celebrate important occasions and milestones by planting trees on campus.

The Temple of Goddess Sharadamba, the Goddess of Learning on campus, provides an ambience of serenity and grace to all those who step into the portals of the College. The Temple belongs to the Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

The life-like statue of the Founder of the College, Prof. K. R. Sundararajan that beautifies a serene enclosure near the entrance to the College is a small yet loving tribute to his sacrifices and lofty vision in founding this College. He is a source of inspiration for all who serve on this