Dr. V. Selvi

Assistant Professor
Contact Details
B.Sc.University of Madras2004
M.Sc.University of Madras2006
M.Phil.University of Madras2008
Ph.D. University of Madras2016
Title of the Ph.D. ThesisComparative studies on the Anatomy, Phytochemistry and Biological activity of the leaf and flower of five species of  Cassia.
Title Of M.Phil. Thesis: Histochemical Studies on Style and Stigma of Cassia sps.

Date of Joining the College
: 14 June 2012
Areas of Interest
  • Biotechnology 
  • Embryology of Angiosperms


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  2. Studies on antimicrobial activities from flower extract of Cassia alata Linn.  INT J CURR SCI. PP- 299-303. Selvi V, Isaivani I and Karpagam S. 2012.
  3. Phytochemical screening of crude extract of leaf and flowers of Cassia fistula and Cassia auriculata. Mintage journal of pharmaceutical and medical sciences.3 (4) PP-7-8. Selvi V, Isaivani I, Gomathi R and Karpagam S.2014. 
  4.  Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of the flower extract of Cassia roxburghii. Linn.J.Chem.Pharm.Res.,6(11) PP-105-107.  Selvi V, Isaivani I, Gomathi R and Karpagam S.2014. 
  5. Comparative studies on leaf anatomy of five Cassia species. International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research.ISSN:2349-5162,Vol.6,Issues 6.Page no.881-891. Selvi V and Karpagam S. June 2019. 


  1. Invitro Antimicrobial activities from flower extracts of Cassia alata,National Conference – Quest for Innovation in Nanotechnology, Bharath University,2012.
  2. Invitro Antimicrobial activities from flower extracts of Cassia auriculata,National Seminar - Impact of Biotechnology in Health care, Veltech University,2011.
  3. Invitro Antimicrobial activities from flower extracts of Cassia roxburghii,International Conference – Exploring the secrets of Biofuel, Presidency College.2011.
  4. Histochemical studies on Cassia species,International Conference - Impact of Physical Science on Biology, Queen Mary’s College,2011.
  5. Invitro Antimicrobial activities from flower extracts of Cassia fistula,International Conference – Global Environment and its sustainability, R.K.M.Vivekananda College,2010.
Training Programmes Attended
  • Orientation course conducted by UGC-HRDC,University of Pondicherry from 22.05.2019 to 11.06.2019.