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Recent Activities

Department Activities-2014

  • A workshop on Administrative Reforms was organised by the Department of Mathematics on 07-04-2015 at Homi Bhabha Hall. Dr. S. Sathikh, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Madras inaugurated the workshop and delivered the inaugural address. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness on the nuances of administration in the field of education and on effective introduction of administrative reforms to provide quality higher education  and to achieve academic excellence in educational institutions.
  • Technical session I had two deliberations: the first was on the topic “Role of Regulatory Bodies in Autonomous Colleges – University, Government and UGC” by Dr. S. Sathikh and the second was on the topic “Principles Of  Institutional Leadership and Robust Administration”, by Dr.L.S.Ganesh, Professor, Department of Management Studies, I.I.T.Madras .
  • Technical Session II  had two deliberations: the first was on the topic “  Role Of Management In Administration of Autonomous Colleges”, by Dr.S.Vikram , Director, Meenakshi Sundararajan School of Management, Chennai and the second was on the topic “ New Thoughts, New Reforms , New Media and the Emerging World of Students”, by Ms. Jayshree Sridhar , Television Producer and Media Consultant.   
  • Dr .Usha Sadasivan and Ms.Jayanthi of English Department summed up the proceedings of Technical Session I and Ms.Inbhathamizh of Biochemistry Department and Mrs.Sindhu Sabariraj of Computer Science Department summed up the Proceedings of Technical Session II.                 

  • On 23-7-14,Dr V.Rajkumar Dare, retired Professor of Madras Christian College delivered a lecture on recent developments in language theory. His talk highlighted the vast applications of Mathematics in computing languages.
  • On 7th September 2014, the students of the Department visited 5 single teacher schools in (1)Melanur, (2)Kalyanakuppam,(3)Ayyathur,(4)Thottikalai (5)Punambakkam, in Tiruvallur  district,  as a part of extension activity and interacted with the children. It turned out to be a motivational session on the importance of education followed by entertainment and distribution of gifts.

  •  An Internal Audit of the Department was conducted on 23-9-2014.Two  experts -Dr.Gnanamalar David, Head, Department of Mathematics, Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai, Dr.T.V.Sudharsan, Head, Department of Mathematics,  SIVET, Chennai, audited the performance and other main aspects of the Department.

  • The Mathematics Department Alumni met on 6-12-14 at 3 PM. 62 alumni comprising of Post Graduates and under Graduates attended the meeting . The Department had a good and memorable time with them. They shared their experiences at work and higher study places.