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Dr. J. D. Patrishiya Fernando

Assistant Professor
Contact Details 
 B.A. University of Madras 2002
 M.A. University of Madras 2004
 M.Phil. University of Madras 2005  
 B.Ed.   Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University 2011    
 Ph.D. University of Madras 2016
 N.E.T University Grant Commission 2003
Title of Ph.D ThesisAditya II Karikala – A Forgotten Prince of Imperial Cholas (A Historical Study)

Title of M.Phil. ThesisPattaraiperumbudur and its Environs

Date of Joining the College: 27 July, 2018
Areas of Interest
  • Ancient History
  • Archaeology
Research Publications
  1.  Irandam Adithiya Karikalanin Nadukarkal, Chempulam, An International Tamil Research Quarterly Journal, August 2015, ISSN No: 2320-589X.
  2. Archaeological Vestiges of Madhuramangalam, JAC Journal of Science, Humanities and Management, December, 2015 ISSN No: 2347- 9868.
  3. Nithavinotha Chaturvedimangalam in Epigraphs, JAC Journal of Science, Humanities and Management, December, 2016, ISSN No: 2347- 9868.
  4. AICUF- A voluntary Organization for Students, March, 2018, ISSN No: 2349-8684, UGC approved Journal No; 48991, ROOTS International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches, 12c. Article in News Paper.
  5. Art And Architecture Of Temples In Melmangalam, International Journal on Recent Researches in Science, Engineering &Technology, Vol. 7, Issue .5 May 2019, ISSN No: 2347- 6729.
  6. Antique Of River Kaveri As Gleaned From Literature And Epigraphs, Shodhak: A Journal of Historical Research, Vol.49, Pt,C,Sr,147,2019, ISSN No:0302-9832.
  7. Naralokavira alias Manavil kuttan, The Annual Congress of LFHR, Loyola College, March, 2014, ISSN No: 2229-2371.
  8. Archaeological Vestiges of Pattaraiperumbudur, XXI – Annual Session, Tamil Nadu History Congress, Cuddalore, September, 2014, ISSN-2319-3808. 
  9. Thiru Kailayanathar Thirukovil Manapadi - Oru Parvai, Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Mempadu Kulumam , Gangaikonda Chozhapuram,   24.07.2014, ISBN 978-93-5001-519-3.
  10. Perungudi – Agastyesvara Temple, XXXIV South Indian History Congress, Thanjavur, March 2014, ISSN No: 2229-2371.
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  13. Feudatories of Aditya II Karikala as gleaned through Inscriptions, Tamil Nadu History Congress, University of Madras, and October 2018.
  14. Soundaryanarayana Swamy Temple- Pattaraiperumbudur, International Conference on Tamil Culture and Traditions held on 24th -25th March 2019, ISBN: 9788192885-1-4-8.
  15. Archaeological Vestiges of Kannur, Archaeological Evidence and Tamil Culture (International Conference) , Conducted by International Journal of Tamil Language and Literary Studies and International Institute of Tamil Studies,27.04.2019,E.ISSN: 2581-7140.
  16. Puthaintha Nilaiyil Nadukargal, Thinathanthi, Vellore, 23.03.2015.
Conference / Seminars Attended
  • Numismatics and Philatelic Exhibition May 30, 31 & June 1, 2015, Tondaimandalam Numismatic Society, Puducherry.

  • National Seminar: Ranking the Research Publications: Citation Analysis, Citation Data Bases and Anti-Plagiarism, 27th -28th January 2016, Central Library, JA College, Periyakulam.
  • National Seminar: “Socio-Political Trends in Tamil Nadu in the 20th Century, 3rd February, 2016, Research & P.G. Department of History, JA College, Periyakulam.
  • National Seminar: “Quality Assurance and Quality Sustenance in Higher Educational Institutions: Challenges and Solutions", 29th & 30th September, 2016, IQAC, JA College, Periyakulam.
  • National Seminar: Water Conflicts- A Historical Perspective, National Conference, February, 2017, , Research & P.G. Department of History, Periyakulam, Research & P.G. Department of History, JA College.
  • International Conference on Tamil Trade and Antiquity, International Institute of Tamil Studies, 6th & 7th March 2019.
  • UGC Sponsored National Seminar - "Human Rights - Past and Present", PG Department of Historical Studies, Government Arts College for Men (Autonomous), Nandanam, 20.03.2019.
  • International Seminar on “Tourism: Employability – Equity”, Conducted by P.G. & Research Department of Historical Studies, Quaid-E-Millath Government College for Women (Autonomous) Chennai, 27th September 2019.
Training Programme Attended
  • Attended a Orientation Course at Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University,2019.