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Under-graduate Courses
              B.A. History (3 years)

Post-graduate Courses
             M.A. History (2 years)

Research Degrees
             M.Phil. History (1 year)
             PhD History - Full Time/Part Time

Currently enrolled Research Scholars in Ph.D.

# Name Reg.No. Date of Enrolment
Broad Field of Research
Name of the Supervisor
1 G. JAYAGEETHA No. Ph.D/Regn/47/FT/01/2015/3662 29.01.2015 Challenges of Scavengers in Chennai Corporation Since Independence  V.Rajeswari
2 A. SANGEETHA No. Ph.D/Regn/55/FT/01/2015/3843 29.01.2015 Legislative Intervention for Women Liberation In Tamil Nadu (1829 - 1989) V.Rajeswari
3 K.KAMALA No. Ph.D/Regn/45/FT/01/2015/3398 29.01.2015 A Study on Socio-Economic conditions of Agricultural labour in TamilNadu with special reference to Villupuram District V.Rajeswari
4 R.BRINDA KUMARI No. Ph.D/Regn/2566/FT/09/2019/2653 30.09.2019 Vishnu Temple in Nannilam Taluk V.Rajeswari