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Dr. N. Manju

Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Contact Details
Degree University Year
 B.Sc. University of Madras 1986
 M.Sc.  University of Madras  1988
 M.Phil.  University of Madras  1989
 Ph.D.  University of Madras  2005

Title of the Ph.D. ThesisAssimilative Capacity and Atmospheric Dispersion  Modelling Studies for an Industrial Zone of Chennai

Title of the M.Phil. Thesis: Ultrasonic Studies on the effects of solvents on Chlorinated Rubber

Date of Joining the College: 23 December, 1993

Areas of Interest
  • Electronics 
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear  Physics
  1. Assimilative capacity and pollutant dispersion studies for the Industrial Zone of Manali - Atmospheric Environment, 2002, 36, pp.3461
  2. Studies on the impact of micro-meteorological parameters on the dispersion of particulates in an industrial zone : 11th National Symposium on Environment B.A.R.C. Mumbai, June 2002
  3. Studies on the spatial and temporal dispersion patterns of SO2 and NOx in an industrial zone in Chennai : International Conference on Mesoscale Progress in the atmosphere, Ocean and Environmental Systems, IIT, Delhi, Feb. 2006
  4. ANN model for SO2 production in an industrial zone : International Conference on sustainable Technologies for environmental protection, C.I.T. Coimbatore, Jan.2006.


  • International Conference on Ultrasonics National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, 1990.
  • 17th National Convention on Environmental Engineering Trivandrum,2001.
  • National Conference on Mathematical and Computational Methods PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore 2001.
  • 11th National Symposium on Environment BARC Mumbai,2002.
  • International Symposium on Resource and Environmental Monitoring NRSA, Hyderabad,2002.
  • International Conference on sustainable technologies for environmental Protection GCT,Coimbatore,2006.
  • International Conference on Mesoscale  Progress in the atmosphere, ocean and environmental system IIT,Delhi,2006.

Training Programmes Attended

  • Attended a Orientation Programme in Academic Staff College at University of Madras,1996.
  • Attended a Refresher Course in Physics at Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry,1999.
  • Attended a Refresher Course in Physics at Academic Staff College,at University of Madras,2004.
  • Attended a Refresher Course in Physics at Academic Staff College,at University of Madras,2009.
  • Attended OORJA ,Skill building programme organized by  Microsoft –March 2018.
  • Workshop on “Physics Laboratory Experiments”on19thOctober 2012 in Indian Institute of  Technology, Chennai-600 036.