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Recent Activities

Department Activities
Intercollegiate Competition

Intercollegiate Career Skills Competition was conducted by the Department on 27 Feb 2015. This competition is to test the participants for skills essential for employment in the modern workplace and is aimed at creating an awareness among the youth about the general recruitment process for any job. This is an individual event, 93 participants from 25 colleges were attended the competition and it contain three parts: 
  • Online Test on analytical and reasoning skills
  • Group discussion 
  • Personal Interview






Staff Orientation
Orientation Classes have been conducted by staff members of the Department. 
  • Ms.R.Meenakshi, Ms.C. Sridevi - Teaching Methodologies
  • Dr.Ms.R.Suganya - Good Programming Practices
  • Ms.Sindhu Sabariraj- Motivating Students
  • Dr.Ms.V.Rajitha - Using MS-Office effectively

Computer Science Association Activities
 Students were encouraged to have panel discussions on the following topics.
  • Kashmir issue
  • Cauvery issue
  • India's Political History after Independence
  • India's Parliamentary System
  • Crimes against Women
  • Climate Change
  • India's Independence Struggle
  • Indian Scientist
  • Indian Economic Policy from Independence
  • States in India and What they are famous for

Intercollegiate Competition
Winners of Intercollegiate Competition held at Ethiraj College for Women.
  • Brainetics - II Prize Qumarunnissa Y (II B.Sc.), Sri Chandra K (II B.Sc.) 
Winners of Intercollegiate Competition held at Sri Kanyaka Parameshwari College for Women.
  • Collage - II Prize Pavithra K (III B.Sc.), Pavithra P (III B.Sc.)
Winners of Intercollegiate Competition held at SSS Jain College.
  • Connexions - I Prize Kirthika E (III B.Sc.), Nandhini S (III B.Sc.), Yuvarani M (III B.Sc.)
Winners of Intercollegiate Competition held at Loyola College.
  • Reverse Coding- I Prize Hema Priya R (II MCA), Subashree A (I MCA) 
  • Stress Management- I Prize Roshini N (I M.Sc IT)
Winners of  Intercollegiate  Competition held at Sindhi College Of Arts and Science.
        Won  Overall Championship  
  • Paper  Presentation-I Prize Puja K (III B.Sc.), Nazreen Fathima (I B.Sc.) 
  • Creative Singing- I Prize Roshini N (I M.Sc. IT), Priyadarshini R (I MCA), Puja K (III B.Sc.)
  • Web Designing- II Prize Priyadarshini R (I MCA), Lakshmi Kothai (I MCA)
Winners of  Intercollegiate Competition held at Jaya College Of Arts and Science.
  • Reverse Coding - III Prize Subashree A (I MCA), Pavithra P (I M.Sc.IT)
  • Dumb -C - III Prize Roshini N (I M.Sc. IT), Priyadarshini R (I MCA)
  • Paper Presentation -I Prize Puja K (III B.Sc.), Sheela Devi T (III B.Sc.)