Dr.(Ms.) R. Maheswari

Assistant Professor
Contact Details
Degree University Year
M.Sc. Bharathidasan University 1989
M.Phil. Bharathidasan University 1990
 Ph.D     University of Madras 2001
Title of the Ph.D. ThesisIsolation, characterization and analyses of the immune functions of a natural agglutinin from the serum of the Indian white                                                                   shrimp Fenneropenaeus indicus. (H. Milne Edwards).

Date of Joining the College: 13 November, 2008
Areas of Interest
  • Immunobiology of invertebrates
  1. Maheswari. R, P. Mullainadhan & Arumugam.M. (1997). Characterization of a natural hemagglutinin with affinity for acetylated aminosugars in the serum of the marine prawn Penaeus indicus (H. Milne Edwards). Fish & shellfish Immunology. 7: 17-28.
  2. Maheswari. R, P. Mullainadhan & Arumugam.M. (2001). Isolation and characterization of an acetyl-recognizing agglutinin from the serum of the Indian white shrimp Fenneropenaeus indicus. (H. Milne Edwards). Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 402: 65-76. 
Conferences / Seminars
  1. Attended Seminar on “Immunology” organized by the Department of  Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology and Pearson Education, held on 9th August, 2010 at Women’s   Christian College, Chennai
  2. Attended Seminar on, DARWIN 200” on 20th Jan 2010, organized by Department of Zoology, University of  Madras
  1. Sudha Varadharjan award and Gold Medal for Best Ph. D thesis submitted  to Madras University (2001)
Other Achievements
  • Attended Orientation Course at Academic Staff College, University of Madras, November 2011