Dr. S. Jeya

Assistant Professor
Contact Details
Degree University Year
M.Sc. Madurai Kamaraj University 1993
M.Phil. Madurai Kamaraj University 1995
Ph.D. Madras University 2018

Title of the Ph.D. Thesis:In vitro and in vivo studies on the effectof Adhatoda vasica and Piper betle on Cotylophoron cotylophorum (fischoeder, 1901)                                                                    (Digenea: Paramphistomidae) 
Title of the M.Phil thesis: Toxic and sub lethal effects of Quinalphos on Physiological and Biochemical responses of the  fish- Cyprinus carpio                                                                                              var communis

Date of Joining the College13 December, 2000
Areas of Interest
  • Ethno Biology
  • Aquaculture 
  • Parasitology
1.  "Effect of Adhatoda vasica and Piper betle Leaves Extracts on Motility and Acetylcholinesterase of Cotylophoron Cotylophorum  In      vitro”, International Journal of Science and Research, Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2015, ISSN 2319-7064, pp.1556-1561
2. "Effect of Piper betle on Pyruvate Kinase and Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase of Cotylophoron Cotylophorum”, World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016,  ISSN 2278 – 4357, pp.1537-1548
 "In vivo studies on the Anthelmintic efficacy of Ethanol extract of Syzygium aromaticum on Cotylophoron cotylophorum". International Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry  4(1):033-042(2018).
4.  "Anthelmintic efficacy of ethanol extract of Areca catechu on the carbohydrate metabolism of Cotylophoron cotylophorum”. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 2018; 6(6):345-352. E-ISSN: 2320-7078,P-ISSN:2349-6800.

Conferences / Seminars

  1. Attended Seminar on “Immunology” organized by the Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology and Pearson Education, held on 9th August, 2010 at Women’s   Christian College, Chennai.
  2. Attended “International Symposium & 33rd Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientist (IABMS)”- 2012, at NITTE University Deralakatte, Mangalore on November 1-3, 2012
  3. Paper presented on “Effect of Piper beetle on the motility and Acetyl cholinesterase activity of Cotylophoron cotylphorum” in Indian Science Congress (Chennai Chapter) on December 17&18, 2012 at CLRI
  4. Paper presented on Efficacy of Adhatoda vasica and Piper betle on    Cotylophoron cotylphorum” in National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology and National Symposium held on 5-7th   February 2014, Mannuthy, Kerala.
  5. Paper presented on “Effect of Adhatoda vasica and Piper betle on Glutathione S-transferase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum  (poster) International Conference on “Medicinal Plants and Herbal Drugs for Human Welfare” (ICMP-2015) held on 28 - 30, January 2015, Organized by Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai – 600 025, India.
  6. Paper presented on In vitro effect of Piper betle on Pyruvate kinase and Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum in International Seminar on Biotechnology – Challenging the Challenges of the Changing World (BCCCW 2015) held on 4th & 5th February 2015conducted by JBAS, Thenampet,  Chennai-18.
  7. Paper presented on effect of Piper betle on malate dehydrogenase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum in DST-SERB sponsored National Symposium on Biodiversity (NSBIO-2015) held on 18th to 20th February 2015 organized by Department of Zoology, Thiruvalluvar University, Serkadu, Vellore.
  8.  Presented a  paper on “Effect of Adhatoda vasica on malate dehydrogenase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum” in XXV National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology and National Symposium on One health approach - plausible solution for sustainable parasite control held on 17th - 19th February 2016, organized by the Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai - 600 007. 
  9.  Presented a paper titled ‘Effect of Adhatoda vasica ethyl acetate extract on pyruvate kinase and Phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum in vitro’ in XXVI National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology and International Symposium on Current concepts in diagnosi and control of parasitic diseases to combat climate change held on 15th - 17th February 2017 organized by Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary College, Vinoba Nagar, KVAFSU (Bidar), Shimoga - 577 204. Karnataka.
  1. Lion's Clubs International Lion of the Region award  2011-2012
  2. Lion's Clubs International Best President award  2011-2012”
  3. Excellence award to Zone chairperson  2012-2013”  (Lions clubs of Chennai Meenakshi)   
  4. Best Teacher award received 2013-2014 honoured by Lions club of international, District 324 A1.    
  5.  Awarded Ph.D. degree with Prof. V.A. Murthy Endowment Medal      
Other Achievements
  1. Won 2nd prize in Paper presentation on Efficacy of Adhatoda vasica and Piper betle on “Cotylophoron cotylphorum” in National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology and National Symposium held on 5-7th February 2014, Mannuthy, Kerala.
  2. Received the Best paper award for the paper entitled “Anthelmintic efficacy of Piper betle leaves on Fumerate reductase and Succinate dehydrogenase of Cotylophoron cotylophorum” in UGC-ICMR and  MoES sponsored National Conference on recent trends in life science Research -2016 conducted by    the Department of Zoology, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar 608 002, Tamil Nadu, India.
Training Programmes Attended
  • Attended Orientation Course at Academic Staff College, University of Madras, November 2008
  • Attended refresher Course on Nano Sciences - Academic Staff College, University of Madras, 2010
  • Attended one day workshop on 'Innovative methodologies in Teaching Zoology/Life Sciences Laboratory Curriculam', Dept of AZBT, RKM Vivekananda College,Chennai-4 & Mahatma Gandhi - Doerekamp Center, Bharathidasan University, 2010
  • Attended refresher Course on Indian Music- Academic Staff College, University of Madras, 2012
  • Attended Refresher Course at Academic Staff   College, UGC-HRDC, University of Madras, Nano sciences, 17.11.2015 -   07.12.2015   
  • Attended National Seminar on Radiant-Spectrum of Molecular Methods & Diseases in Ophthalmolog on 12th February 2015 organized by Quaid-E-Millath Government College for women (Autonomous),Chennai-600002.
  • Attended a two days’ workshop on “Pacific white Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei- Seed production techniques” held on 18th & 19th February, 2016. Organised by PG & Research dept. of Zoology, at Pachaiyappa’s College Chennai-30