Dr. C. Sethukarasi

Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Contact Details
 Degree University Year
 M.Sc. University of Madras 1977
 M.Phil. University of Madras 1978
 Ph.D. University of Madras 1993

 Title of the Ph.D. ThesisParasitology - Studies on some aspects of the Morphology, Histology, Histochemistry,   and Biochemistry of a few Digeneans                                                                of the family Dydimozoidae.

Date of Joining the College: 1 September, 1980

Date of Retirement from the College: 31 May, 2013
Project Undertaken:
  • UGC- Minor Project: Vermitechnology: Effective Management of   Campus waste on creating awareness of Vermiculture among the students by raising demonstration pits in the College Campus. Project has been completed and submitted in 2008.
Areas of Interest
  • Parasitology
  • Vermitechnology
  1. “Scanning Electron Microscope studies on the surface topography of few digeneans (family Didymozoidae”). The International Journal of Parasitic diseases. Vol. 31, No.2 December 2007. 
  2. “Scanning Electron Microscopic investigation on the surface topography of the Didymozoan tetragynae, Allodidymozoan cylindricum and   Didymocystis n. sp. of the family Didymozoidae”. An International Journal of Scientific Transactions in Environment and Technovation – January to March 2008 Vol. Issue-III.


  1. Indira Gandhi Women Achievers award by India

    International Friendship Society and Glory of India Gold Medal by International Institute of Success Awareness for meritorious accomplishment in diverse fields of activities that immensely contributed for the Nation’s progress.