Dr. Mrs. A. Premalatha

Assistant Professor
Contact Details
 Degree University Year
 M.Sc. University of Madras 1989
 M.Phil. University of Madras 1990
 Ph.D. University of Madras 2013

Title of the Ph.D. Thesis:  Studies on the production, purification, characterization and immobilization of α- amylase from Aspergillus tamarii for
                                                             eco-friendly leather processing.

Date of Joining the College: 1 February, 2001

Areas of Interest
  • Microbiology
  1. ‘Pentachlorophenol degradation   by Pseudomonas aeruginosa’  Journal of   Microbiology and Biotechnology Vol.10, 1994.
  2. ‘Production of antimicrobial potential of broad spectrum antimicrobial proteins from a new strain of B.amyloliquifaciens MBL27’. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Vol.3, Suppln 4, 2011.
  3. ‘Antimicrobial protein production by B.amyloliquifaciens MBL27 optimization of culture conditions using Taquechi’s experimental design’.  Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol.4, No.8, 2011.
  4. ‘Hydrolysis of tannery fleshing’s using enzymes; biotechnological approach for solid waste management’. Tanners Get Together- 2011
Training Program Attended
  •  Training Programme on Bioinformatics conducted by TANUVAS  (funded by  UGC) Chennai 2007.
Other Achievements
  1. CSIR qualified 1991
  2. Attended Orientation Course at Academic Staff   College, University of Madras 07.11.2002- 04.12.2002
  3. Attended Refresher Course at Academic Staff   College, University of Madras Bioinformatics 14.02.2007 -06.03.2007
  4. Attended Refresher Course at Academic Staff   College, University of Madras Nano sciences 19.11.2013 - 09.12.2013