The college has always enjoyed a sterling record of top rankers right from its inception in 1975. Every year saw the top few University ranks being bagged by Meenakshi College students alone. After the advent of Autonomy in 1999, though the majority of the students have not been able to compete for University ranks, the evening college students of Meenakshi College have continued to bag the top ranks every year.

Autonomy has brought its obvious advantages such as easier upgrades to the curriculum. The college has consistently ensured that the curriculum is revised keeping in view the requirements of the potential employers of the students as well as to cater to the need to prepare students for higher academic pursuits. The Boards of Studies and the Academic Council of the college have ever been at this task.

The college offers 15 under-graduate programmes, 11 post-graduate programmes and 9 M.Phil. programmes and 4 Ph.D. programmes. Apart from these, there are certificate courses, diploma and advanced diploma courses on offer.